of those who can
neither read nor write anymore !

With the game console ODIMO,
you will discover a complete a world of entertainment, puzzles and games
even if you are visually-impaired.

ODIMO et un utilisateur

Did you know ?

There are 161 million visually-impaired people worldwide. 14 million suffer from Age-Related Macular degeneration (ARMD) Due rising life expectancy, the number of people suffering from ARMD will triple during the next 20 years.

ODIMO, the 1st game-console
that has been specially designed for visually-impaired people.

ODIMO was tailored to the specific needs of people who can neither read nor write easily. It is convenient for blind and visually-impaired people.

Thanks to the voice recognition technology and to dedicated ergonomics, people who are loosing sight, can enjoy playing in full autonomy. ODIMO allows people to rediscover how enjoyable it is to solve crossword and sudoku puzzles, to play dice, cards games, anagrams, battleship, Simo or MasterCode.
Problem solving games are a great way to relax, to train one's brain, and to enjoy leisure activities.

Almost 60% of ODIMO's users
are over fifty years old.*

8% entre 81 et 90 ans, 13% entre 71 et 80 ans, 25% entre 61 et 70 ans.
More than 70% of ODIMO's users
play at least twice a week.*

* information collected in January 2011, among 104 ODIMO users.

You know a relative who is loosing sight ? A grand-father, grand-mother, a parent, a spouse, a neighborg, a friend ... Whether he/she is blind or visually-impaired, suffering from ARMD, with Cataract or a Glaucoma, regardless of age and needs, ODIMO will offer her/him to entertainment, everyday, in full autonomy.

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